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A Neighborhood Gem Since 2004

Naviya’s Thai Brasserie is the newest and current location of Thai restaurants by Naviya and Kim Labarge. After receiving rave reviews by food critics and customers in Grand Marais and Richfield, we found our new home in the charming and urban Minneapolis neighborhood of Linden Hills. A customer once mentioned that we are a “neighborhood gem,” and that is exactly what we strive to be: A sophisticated, contemporary and yet an at-home brasserie that serves authentic and quality Thai cuisine. What we have to offer is nothing like the other Thai restaurants in town. We cook every dish not only with fresh ingredients but also with a strong sense of pride, and we’re already receiving wonderful feedback and reviews.

Fresh, Indulgent, Sensuous Taste

The variety of taste and sensation of exploding flavors upon your taste buds are the result of vegetables cooked over an intense heat in a cast iron wok. Natural sugars bubble to the surface, splitting the skin to the point of charring. We select our vegetables in fastidious and prideful determination of quality and analysis by practiced eye and a Refractometer. Our herbs and spices bring out the perfect nuance, and we keep our noodles light and springy. We cook with pride and serve with love so that you can enjoy the Thai cuisine as much as we do in every moment of our lives.

Most of our meat is natural without added hormones and antibiotics, and almost all of our food contains ZERO MSG. With that said, there are some trace MSG in our Mushroom Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce. Upon your request, we offer a MSG-free Tamari Sauce as a substitution for either of the two aforementioned sauces. 

Authentic and healthy Thai food at Naviya's

Naviya's select wine, beer and tea list

Select List of Wine, Tea & Beer

We’re not only about the food – We believe that beverages complement and enhance a perfect dining experience. Kim Labarge, the brasserie owner, studied from WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) Advanced Certification Wine & Spirits certified materials. He flew to Sydney and completed a series of rigid exams. He has also travelled around Asia to gain a first hand experience in selecting the best quality tea. His expertise is the foundation of our select list of quality wine, beer and tea from all over the world. They bring out different aspects of our menus. All of our staffs go through a mandatory wine and tea workshop, so please feel free to consult with our servers for their recommendations of wine and tea to make your meal complete.