Naviya's Thai Brasserie

Our Menu

ourmenuOur fresh and select raw vegetables over high in natural sugar content. Cooking in an intense fire in a cast iron wok brings the sugar to the surface splitting the skin slightly charred in the process. This brings out proprietary multiple taste sensations to each vegetable notably a sweet, nutty, smoky  indulgence finishing with a sensuous taste of our food.
We also offer a selection of “Old World” and “New World” wines. Most of our wines are selected, in part, due to the highly rated showing when tasted by various panels of expert connoisseurs all from within our industry, themselves highly respected and known for their expert unbiased analysis. Our wine pricing has been receiving recognition lately for the friendly “Cost Plus” pricing  to bring our guests great wine to make the meal complete. Our “Niche” beer choices are all current selections from the continental U.S. mostly local sources. The thoughtful Tea List does indeed include an eclectic selection of teas from around the globe.and rare and premium teas for your perfect dining experience.