We cut our teeth in Grand Marais presenting authentic Thai foods prepared in concert with Naviya’s Grandmothers interpretation whose cooking influences were well traversed from China to Thailand. Grandmother cooked every day for her family early on, by herself. Most of the domestics helping in her house in the later days were of multiple ethnicities including Thai, Burmese, Chinese and Cambodian extraction. Hence, Naviya’s exposures to these ethnicities in Grandmothers’ kitchen evolved and have become what you now known as Naviya’s!

A Neighborhood Gem Since 2004

Naviya’s Thai Kitchen has a rich history serving the great people of Minnesota. Over the years we have had the privilege of serving people in Grand Marais, MN from 2004 – 06, then over to Richfield from 2007 – 09 and then ending in our current location in Linden Hills from 2010 – present. Naviya’s in Linden Hills is our only location for Naviya’s Thai cuisine. Over the last 14 years, we have received a Lion’s Share of rave reviews from many of the published culinary journalists throughout our Metropolis and enthusiastic loyal customers. We have developed a “Sweet spot” here in Linden Hills. We feel we are located in the best of spaces with central access to our address. The community spirit is an example of what we aspire to creatively and spiritually. We do indeed feel at home.

Fresh, Indulgent, Sensuous Taste

Owing to the wide range of flavours used in the World’s various cuisines requires a good understanding of the primary categories of flavours that are registered by the taste receptacles on your tongue and roof of your mouth and how they interact. The sequence and method in which you blend these main flavours will affect how you taste the herbs, protein, vegetables (the cornerstone of our plate) in Naviya’s dishes. For most of the Worlds’ cuisines there are four basic tastes’; salty, sweet, sour and bitter. In traditional Oriental medicine, it is believed the human body is made up a five essential elements. Associated with each of them is a category of flavour derived from natural foods. When the “Five Elements” Water (kidney), Wood (liver), Fire (heart), Earth (spleen) and Metal (lung) are in balance the body is in good health, and when any of them are deficient or excessive, the harmony of the body is disturbed. One way to ensure good health is to include a diet of natural foods representing the five flavours; salty, sweet, sour, bitter and pungent (hot). Because Thai cuisine is one of the few diets that utilizes all five flavours to almost an equal degree, it is seen as a health enhancing cuisine. As long as one does not selectively indulge in only a few favourites that might include the higher-fat curries and fried foods, and in its stead consume a wide range of selections considered exceptionally balanced to positively influence the five elements.


Naviya uses a’ la minute a classic French style of food preparation. We have neither the space nor the knowledge to talk further about Qi but we do use our knowledge of food and how it plays out individually amongst the organs, (Liver, Heart, Stomach, Lung, and Kidney) to provide a balanced Thai dish that will engage all of the organs in a simplistic straightforward manner. The finished plate bears Naviya’s trademark veggies perfectly charred yet nuanced by sweet, nutty, smoky flavors all of which is nothing more than sugar from the vegetable cooked to the surface perfectly caramelized, where it splits the skin and bubbles out creating a proprietary taste to upon its self. With several vegetables in the dish, all bearing their particular taste footprint, plated with sauce and protein of choice it is an experience only Naviya’s creates.

Only The Best

Quickly assimilating the difference between pedestrian-type menus and the goal we wanted to achieve for our menus, we became acutely aware of natural, organic, MSG, antibiotic, hormone and gluten-free food. We capitalized by requesting our customers to voice their dietary preferences when ordering. Using our growing library of knowledge by bringing our vegetables, herbs, spices using Asian sourced choices thereby avoiding replacement and inferior items. Our “Process” allows us to keep the nutrients intact rather than throwing them out in the cooking water. What a difference tasting a dish prepared in Naviyas’ “Process” with six or more flavor footprints surging through your mouth complemented by a rich sauce and nuanced with your protein choice, cooked in the same manner.

Select List of Wine, Tea & Beer

We’re not only about the food – We believe that beverages complement and enhance a perfect dining experience. Kim and Naviya LaBarge, the brasserie owner, studied from WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) Advanced Certification Wine & Spirits certified materials. He flew to Sydney and completed a series of rigid exams. His expertise is the foundation of our select list of quality wine, beer, and tea from all over the world. They bring out different aspects of our menus.


“The vegetables were brilliant … The two soups, the tamarind-sour thom-yum-koong and the light and sweet coconut-milk-based thom-kha-gai, are each miraculous … In contrast, there’s the complicated depth of the Massaman curry … I can say that based on my visits, it’s the best Thai restaurant in Minnesota.”

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Minnesota Monthly

“At this Linden Hills gem, vegetables are exactly what the world’s food-gurus have been telling us vegetables should be: indulgent, sensuous, and extravagant.”

Minnesota Monthly

“The noodles are light and springy, and not at all greasy. The veggies are crunchy, the flavors subtly sweet and smoky. The cooking at Naviya’s is done à la minute, and dishes are served hot out of the wok, so the flavors and textures pop.”

City Pages

“Fresh veg, nice Wok Char smokey flavors, great tempura, and subtle tom kah with appropriate herbs and spices. Terrific friendly service, great wine choices that really go well with food.”

Customer Review from Urban Spoon